Impuls LT paramotors are the best choice for your flying. Light, high quality paramotor will meet the requirements of the most demanding pilots. Thanks to the Universal Impuls Mounting Plates you can install almost every engine available on the market.

LT Frame is our bestselling product which has gained recognition among pilots around the world. The frame is made of aluminum and the brackets are made of carbon fiber specially designed by our company. We have chosen the parameters to combine the ease of assembly with the strength and stiffness of the entire frame.

The whole kit undergoes a four-step painting process. First, the surface is prepared by sandblasting. Then, three layers of powder varnish are applied. As a result, the color is intense and the surface is durable.

Thanks to the use of swing arms Impuls LT provides amazing experience during the flight. The shifting of the center of gravity provides almost complete reduction of torque.


Paramotor set includes

Engine: by your choice (Recomended Vittorazi Moster Plus or Atom)
Frame: Impuls LT
Propeller: carbon 125 cm E-props (or Helix on demend)
Impuls GH throttle
Set of covers: propeller, hoop and bars parts

Option: Inox AustriAlpine carabiners set (26kN!)


Frame technical details

Frame weight: 3,8 kg
Frame diameter: 142 cm (external) // 138 cm (internal)
Hoops: divided on 4 parts with integrated netting
Hang point: swing arms // fixed bars
Fuel tank: 12 l.
Colors*: black/red or black/black
Materals: Aluminium, carbon fiber
Engine mounting: Univerlas Impuls Mounting plate

*We can prepare custom colors on customer demand – contact us for more details –


Vittorazi Moster Plus technical details

Vittorazi Moster is one of the most chosen engines which is recommended by pilots around the world. Thanks to low weight and high power, it works great in all conditions.

Weight: 14,5 kg
Power: 29 HP
Clutch: yes - centrifugal
Consumption: 2,5-3,5 l/hr
Started: manual or dual (manual+electric)

(Pre-facelift photos – if you need additional information about the changes, please contact us)

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