We are using only the best materials to build our products. That includes carbon fiber made by our design, CNC cut aluminum alloy parts and four stage powder painting process. Everything to provide you with paramotor you have always dreamt of.



To ensure the highest quality, our products are subjected to a four-step varnishing process. First, all products undergo the sanding process. Then, two layers of powder varnish are applied: a primer providing adhesion and an intense varnish ensuring adequate color. The last layer is a clear varnish, providing the coating with protection against mechanical damage and UV rays.


Thanks to the anodizing process, all elements manufactured on CNC machines gain exclusive new qualities. Thanks to the hard anodizing process, the material gains additional scratch resistance together with a unique look. We submit swing arms, pull start blocks and smaller details to this process, so that your paramotor is the one and only and stands out with every last detail.


Transport, assembly and weight.

After testing on several prototype frames, we managed to obtain the final product. The use of carbon fiber pipes produced according to our own design has allowed us to get a great combination of stiffness, strength and low weight of the frame. It weighs only 3.9 kg. Most of our current customers are delighted with how rigid and stable the whole structure is. In addition, the applied design allowed to minimize the size of the frame after folding, terefore its transport is extremely simple and pleasant. Impuls LT easily fits in the trunk of a car, so you can easily take it on any journey.
Thanks to the “clik” mounting system, the assembly is really easy. The frame can be ready in just a few seconds. Then you pull the netting which does not require great force due to the locking element used. And it’s ready! Your Impulse is ready to take off!