Trike for pilots who want small weight and easy transport.

Impuls FX 1 is small, light and really easy to use. It is a great choice for pilots who want to start both on trike and on feet. Mounting system we use here allows you to assemble and disassemble PPG easily in just a few seconds.
While creating our products we put maximum effort into great quality and making them as easy to transport as possible. FX1 has adjustable length so you can fly comfortably regardless of your height.

Regular FX1 is compatible with our cages, but if you need to adjust it for your PPG you need to let us know so that we could prepare one that fits exactly to your kit. Soon there will be variant with universal mounting plate available, which fits the most PPG present on the market.

Technical details

Weight: 14 kg
Mounting: compatybile with all Impuls paramotors
Lenght: adjustable
Materials: aluminium
Colors: black/red
Transport: Trike is easy divided for 4 parts (2 main parts + 2 wheel axles)

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