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Highest product quality

We are using only the best materials to build our products. That includes carbon fiber made by our design, CNC cut aluminum alloy parts and four stage powder painting process. Everything to provide you with paramotor you have always dreamt of.

Safety and certifications

Your safety is the most important value for us. We test all of our products in laboratory. Moreover, we received additional safety certification of EN and LTF standards for harnesses, which were conducted by Switzerland company Air Turqouis.

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We believe in high quality of our products and we make every effort to enable you to test our equipment by yourself. Check the list of our local dealers. Cannot find any in your area? Contact us or ask your local school or store to do so.


Impuls Paramotor

We are a manufacturer of paramotor equipment operating in Europe since 2009. Since 2017 our products are available to customers all over the world.

Our products are made by pilots for pilots. Your comfort and safety during the flight is our priority. Each of our products is designed with attention to the smallest detail. We did our best to make the assembly at the airfield as easy as possible and to make the whole set take up as little space as possible during transport. In addition we have made every effort to combine this functionality with attractive design. We believe that you will love our product and, just like pilots around the world, you will be delighted with the experiences we offer!

We have full range of paramotor products in our offer. Complete paramotors, trikes, harnesses and accessories.

Impuls LT Moster Plus v.1 - updated video coming soon