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Our products are made by pilots for pilots. We value your comfort and safety during the flight is our priority. Each of our products is designed with attention to the smallest detail. We have devoted a lot of attention to make it as easy as possible for you to assemble them at the airport, and the whole set took up the least amount of space when traveling. In addition, we have made every effort to combine this functionality with an attractive appearance. We believe that you’ll love our product and, like pilots around the world, you’ll be delighted with the experience we offer!

To ensure the highest quality, our products undergo a four-stage varnishing process. All products undergo sandblasting first. Then, 3 layers of powder varnish are applied, ensuring primer adhesion to the coating, followed by intense varnish to ensure the right color. The last layer is a colorless varnish, providing the coating with protection against mechanical damage and UV rays.

After testing on several prototype baskets, we managed to achieve the final product. The use of carbon fiber sticks made according to our design allowed us to achieve a great combination of stiffness, strength and weight of the basket itself. The frame weighs only 3.9 kg. Specially designed engine mounts Most existing customers are delighted at how rigid and stable the entire structure is. Additionally, the applied design allowed to minimize the size of the basket after folding, thanks to which its transport is extremely simple and pleasant

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